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Currently, 299 Industrial Zones (IZ) have been established across the country with a total area of ​​85,000 hectares of land, including an area of ​​rentable land reaching 56,000 hectares, accounting for 66% of their total land area.  In addition, 16 Economic Zones (EZ) have been established in coastal areas with a total ground and water area of ​​814,792 hectares. The IZs and EZs have made important and practical contributions to socio-economic development in their local areas, as well as in the country as a whole. Just within the first nine months of 2015, the total revenue of enterprises in the IZs, EZs reached $90 billion U.S. dollars (USD), export turnover reached $58.6 billion USD (accounting for about 52% of total exports of the country), total contributions to the State budget reached 65.313 ​​billion dong, and 2.57 million workers gained employment. However, the performance of the IZs, and EZs has still not reached its potential due to these causes: cohesion is lacking between enterprises in the IZs and EZs in manufacturing and processing industries,  production clusters with scale and  close linkages have not been formed; and there are too few production and processing bases in the IZs and EZs. Therefore, it is necessary to develop IZs and EZs into key processing and manufacturing areas with strong linkages in production  among secondary enterprises in the IZs, EZs in order to improve the operational efficiency of these models.

REGIONAL LINKAGE: Solutions for sustainable development of central coast industrial parks

Regional economic linkage actually is the linkage between different economic actors in one region, with main regard to economic benefits, to promote the comparative advantage and then bring the region with higher economic comparison. Although, the Central Coastal region is the area prioritized for Vietnam’s Strategy of marine economy, the area has encountered natural disasters annually and various challenges during the process of development. Thus, until now, this region has still suffered from the difficulty in socio-economic development. In spite of the development of Industrial Parks (IPs) and Economic Zones (EZs) in the region in order for promoting the growth of economy, the economic potential has not been utilized and a wide range of problems still have existed which need solving.

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